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Can a CS10 telematics unit be used to access a Plus+1 system with ServiceTool via internet?

"Customer WiFi" <----> "CS10" <----> "Internet" <----> "ServiceTool located on a different place"


Yes, this feature will be available in the near future but not for free. You have to buy a token or something like that which unlocks this communication for a limited time.

The CS10 has Bluetooth and wifi and allows connection with the Service Tool by a device that is connected to the CS10's Bluetooth or wifi network.  The CS10 can have its own SSID or connect to another network which are both nice options.  If the CS10 is connected to your company network wifi and you connect to your company network over the internet via a VPN then you would basically be connecting to the ServiceTool via the internet.  I don't see any other way that it could be achieved.

FStelzer, did you hear that during the CAB, or are you thinking of maybe the CS100?

If you connect the CS10 or DM1x00 to local network on the machine that have internet connection you can set up a VPN tunnel and access it from wherever.
You can use the standard Interlink connection since the machine basically thinks you are on the same local network.

I guess its the same principle Danfoss will use FStelzer? Only you will have to buy a token from your solution, which sounds like a lot of hazzle just to do diagnostics :)


I don't know exactly how Danfoss will do this technically but there will be a possibility to establish a connection from the CS10 unit to the DPS webportal. So when the CS10 is connected to a mobile hotspot (e.g. from your smartphone) you have a connection to the webportal and you can get a remote service tool connection.
I totally agree that if you are connected to a "normal" WiFi network, you only need to go via VPN on it to have a service tool connection.

But if the machine is on the field and you have to do a diagnostic session on it, there is no "normal" WiFi network. In the most cases, the only possibility to do a internet connection is with the smartphone from the machine operator. And I think for this kind of functionality, Danfoss will charge something.



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