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NV Memory writing error


Hi all,
I'm facing an error in memory writing.
It seems that with the new version, 2024.1, an original logics part, migrated from 2023.3, that has no problem, started with writing error.
If I reduce the logics with this memory handling, is seems ok.

If I write this memory from Service Tool, it is ok. If I write this mem from logics, it takes the previuos value at power cycle.


What is your exact version?

Version 2024.1.4 had a memory problem.
Here is an extract from the Guide release notes:
Version 2024.1.4
2024.1.4 (February 2024)
What is Fixed
[P100006950] Some fonts were incorrectly reported as missing.
[P100006939] In some cases, an application containing images would not compile.
[P100006956] NV memory writes

Have a nice day

Exact version is 2024.1.3.5743.

Do we need to update our installations?

Hello federico.furlani,

The issue with the NV_Memory was found in version 2024.1.3 and was fixed in 2024.1.4.
The recommendation is to update to the latest version of PLUS+1 GUIDE. Today it's 2024.1.5.  You can find it in the PLUS+1 Update Center.

Have a nice day.


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