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BUS Load - CANOpen vs J1939


Typically which protocol generates more bus load? Within a system of lots of nodes?

Often when selecting hardware like JS1H joysticks, PVE CAN coils and other Danfoss sensor there is always both options CANOpen Or J1939.

Almost all my applications are using a GUIDE controller so there is no limitations there, I'm not concerned about the pros or cons of each protocol but concerned when designing a system with lots of nodes/devices, which would be best to select to reduce bus load?

My vote would be probably CANOpen, it gives you the flexibility to setup your devices to respond individually to SYNC messages.

For example, if you have a device that isn't required to have fast data response, configure that to respond to every 20 (or whatever) SYNC messages. The critical devices would be set to respond every SYNC message.  Using this method can help maintain your bus load.

Fantastic information thanks jashom1


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