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Remote Desktop to solve Onsite Issues

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Hello All:

Is anybody has experience to solve on site issues by accessing remote desktop i.e. connected to plus 1 control system?

Hi venkut.

I have used the free edition of Real VNC to connect to a PLUS+1 system remotely

regards Neil.


As I see it you have two options.

Either you connect to the system directly using RC150:
RC150 is a brand new product to allow you to connect to your system from distance, it will allow you to download and change parameters.

Or connecting to a PC connected to the system. Included into GUIDE and Service Tool we have included Netviewer remote desktop. You can find it under help - support - launch remote desktop. Unfortunately Netviewer is not longer available to purchase as Citrix just bought Netviewer and changed the product. We will replace the included remote desktop software included into our tools to a new supplier, if it will be Citrix or something else I do not know yet.

Best regards // Thomas

I usually provide an EEE PC to the customer which has an UMTS surf stick installed.
The PC is configured, so that the customer only has to connect the USB cable to the display and power it on. Everything else starts automaticly.
For desktop connection we use "teamviewer".

I send out a netbook to customers which has service tool and diagnostic application installed.  Using a usb cellular internet modem the customer uses the web page to obtain the IP address for me to connect to.  From there it is simple to trouble shoot the issues using service tool.  Any applications requiring modification to code etc I can modify the p1p file at my desktop, email it to a web-based account, download to netbook and finally into controller.  While this works great in areas with decent cellular service, it is rather slow if service is poor.  The other downside is that if dealing with out of country customers the roaming charges on the modem can get high.....


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