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Does anyone have an example or can anyone explain how the Scrollbar functionality in the Screen Menu from the Display FB Library works.

I have created an application to try out the Screen Menu and have everything working except the Scrollbar. The outputs on the ScrollBar Bus are always Enabled = False and Y_Pos = 10000. I have been through he user manual for the Screen Menu, watched the YouTube tutorial video and went through every input signal I can find to all the blocks that make up the menu but, I can’t find anything that controls or affects the outputs on the ScrollBar Bus. The only info I could find is on page 24 of the Screen Menu User Manual which just says to connect the signals to the ScrollBar Widget, but does not give any detail of the logic that sets the values for Enable and Y_Pos.

I figured it out.

The number of Menu_Item blocks that you add in Menu_Items is how many items you want to display on the screen at one time. Then if you add more then that number of items to any of the menus in Menu_Setup the scroll bar will display and the menu will scroll through the additional items as you use Next_Item / Prev_Item.

Works well once figured out.

In response to a PM from another member here is an example of what I came up with while experimenting with the Screen Menu Library.

This is not a complete program and only uses some of the functionality.  I don't know if it is the best way to do it but it is the best I could come up with while experimenting, hopefully it will be of some help to anyone else trying to figure this out.

Your software will be very useful to me. Thank you so much...

@acmall : Thank a lot for your example. I use the screen definition. Is perfect...


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