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Mike AA:
I now have 2 WS403 Telematics devices setup. I would like to setup some kinda of dashboard but when I go to create a Dashboard it is asking for a DBS file. Does anyone have any idea what this is or where I can download a template?

Also I was looking to make an event. I would like to get a notification when the WS403 is powered down. There is a spot to add a signal clicking add basically just refreshes the page. Service is also blank so I cant select anything there either.


Going to bump this thread up as I'd also like to know some more about this.

Hi Mike & Bryantmorris!

I'm sorry to say we don't support a dashboard configuration yet. It's unfortunate that you can still find this menu on the portal but removing it would affect other content. Is it a dashboard for a tablet/mobile phone you would like to set up or do you want to be able to see values from your machine on the portal?

Regarding events
This could be a setting to your login credentials which I need to ask our Telematics experts on. I'll make sure to paste this information into a new reply on this topic as soon as I have it.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk

Mike AA:

I guess I would be looking to indeed have something in a dashboard that I could view on a mobile device. We would like to show someone onsite values such as machine speed, level and actuator speed and history of each of these without direct connection to the machine and not holding a large laptop out on a jobsite where mud is flinging but a phone could easily be handed and protected.

Is the dashboard simply not supported through Proemion or is this something Danfoss has disabled and chooses not to use that I could instead work with Proemion to get setup?

Hi Mike!

Im sorry to say we, as in Danfoss Power Solutions, don't support the dashboard functionality yet. If you want to you could try to figure it out by contacting Proemion.

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team


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