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Rehosting your license


If you for some reason change your computer you need to download and install PLUS+1® GUIDE and Service tool again. That is because activating the PLUS+1® license results in the license key locking to the computer used. Transferring the license key to another computer is called rehosting.

At first start-up of PLUS+1® GUIDE or Service Tool, a message box appears telling you there is now license activated, giving you the option to start by opening the license manager; click Yes. If you for some reason click No then you will find that the License Manager can also be launched from the Tools menu using either GUIDE or Service tool.

You will find more about the steps mentioned above on page 8 in the License Manager Help (Rev 0401 January 2016) found by clicking the Help button in the License manager pop-up box (see attached picture License manager help).

When you get to the step where you are sending your e-mail registrationto it’s important that you use the setting plain text in your e-mail client. Otherwise the server might be unable to send you a response as it doesn’t understand the content of the e-mail. That setting can normally be found under the menu tab Format text when you create a new e-mail (see attached picture Set plain text in message). If you still don’t get any e-mail back please send an e-mail with the e-mail data and also attach the PLUS+1 License Request Data.txt-file. You will find this file located here on your computer; My documents -> Danfoss -> PLUS1 (\users$\yourusername\My Documents\Danfoss\PLUS1). If you still can’t find it make a search within My documents for PLUS+1 License Request Data.txt .

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