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New version of PLUS+1 GUIDE on the way!


Dear PLUS+1 users!

A new version of PLUS+1 GUIDE will be released April 28.

PLUS+1 GUIDE 6.1 offers customers ‘best of both worlds’

PLUS+1 GUIDE 6.1 provides programmers the capability to import and export Structured Text code created in other tools when developing embedded-controller software for mobile hydraulic applications. With the freedom to smoothly transition between the familiar Structured Text textual language and the industry-proven graphical language of PLUS+1 GUIDE, programmers can select the tool best-suited for their application development needs.

PLUS+1 GUIDE 6.1 provides for:
•   Direct import and edit of Structured Text code in PLUS+1 GUIDE from tools that support IEC61131 standard
•   Direct usage of available Structured Text code on Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 controllers and displays
•   Advanced Structured Text editor to create, edit and manage Structured Text libraries (POUs) in PLUS+1 GUIDE
•   Availability of proven and tested PLUS+1 GUIDE libraries for mobile machine applications that can be used in conjunction with Structured Text

More information to follow.

Don't miss Sauer-Danfoss at Bauma.


I have checked the main site and do not see anything on this release.  I assume it has been delayed?

Now available  :)

Key shortcut B still not working correctly however  :(


Hi Niel

In what case is it that you can't you import with the B-key?

In the release notes for GUIDE 6.1 there is identified from "Potential user issues" that "SCS files placed in the Desktop folder might not be available in the import SCS dialog".

Could it be related to this?

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