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Issue in enabling hardware pin at connector 1

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Hi Acmall and Tor,

As said, I have connected through CAN0 but still can not see secondary controller option to flash.

If you can please share the step by step process to flash secondary controller, it would be helpful.

I have now one SC0XX safety controller option guide and perhaps the secondary controller flashing is mandatory.

I am trying to find out any help book that explains how to flash secondary controller but could not get it

Apologies for the delay in response as I have connected through remote to operate the hardware and software and sometimes get help from local guy but only if he is available.

For the attachment issue, I am adding png 312 KB file but all the time, while trying to add some image, I can not submit my post. Usually, page refreshes automatically after submitting my post, but when I attach any image file, page does not refresh automatically and if I do it manually, my post just disappear... At once, I was wondering whether I amreplying to the post or private message to anyone :)

Downloading the program to the secondary is the same process as downloading to the primary. The service tool will only show controllers that are compatible with the file you have selected for download. Provided you only have one SC050-120 connected and both the primary and secondary are showing up in the ECU list, the correct one will be selected based on the file you select to download.

What do you have listed under ECU list? The attached image is the ECU list when connected to my test bench.
0,9 is an MC088-015
0,27 & 0,28 are the primary and secondary of an SC050-120.

Thanks for the message Acmall,

When I open the program in service tool, I can get only option 0,27 and not 0,28

Does that mean I have only primary SC050-120 connected?

Normally you will see both 0,27 & 0,28 in the ECU list.

The LEDs on the SC50-120 will give some indication of faults (provided you have not changed their function in your software). 
Yellow LED on indicates error condition in Safety Layer
Red LED flashing indicates a CAN fault.

Do you have any other other CAN devices on the bus apart from the SC050-120? If so is it possible that one of these is already using  ID 28? If there are other devices on the bus try disconnecting everything except the SC050-120 and see if you can get the 0,28 to show up.

Beyond this I don't know what else to suggest.

Hmm.. Tricky one.

The first thing that came to mind was that you have the same node number for the primary and the secondary, and then you will not see the secondary.
But then I looked closer at the image you attached and noticed a exclamation mark on the Hardware and the Application "folder". Why?
This might be that the secondary controller is in boot loader mode. Usually this is shown in Service Tool, but according to a colleague, there have been times that it's showing up the way you see it now, more ore less nothing.

I would like you to try a "Recover ECU" from the Service Tool. This is explained in the User Manual on page 31.
To get to the User Manual: Open Service Tool -> "Help" drop down -> User Manual.

The "Recover ECU Function" is found in the "Communication" drop down.
At the "select ECU" try both choices if one isn't working. The net and node you are looking for, in your case probably is 0,28.
And then follow the instructions. Just turning the unit off and on again. Not to fast, and not to slow.  =)

I hope this works. Let us know.


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