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Since version 8.0 there are options on how you want Errors, Warnings and Hints to be shown. You will find them under Setup -> Options, see attachment Errors, Warnings and Hints. The first heading, Errors, Warnings and Hints, in the tree structure will show you indication settings for Errors and a checkbox for including Hints in compiler result messages.

Errors = meant to inform the user about incorrect code. Compile will not follow through.
Hints = meant to inform the user about changes that Danfoss has made e.g. to a component. Could also be a suggestion for improvement of the code. Compile will follow through.

If you look to the other attachments, Memory Consumption, Graphical code and PLC Code, you will find the indication settings for the Warnings.

Warnings = meant to inform the user about potentially incorrect code, or code that does not follow guidelines, which could make it hard to maintain. Compile will still follow through (unless the option to treat warnings as errors has been set). In the best case, a warning indicates code that will be difficult to maintain or extend in the future, and in the worst case it is a potential indication about unexpected runtime behavior.
At least before doing a final build of an application, it is recommended to set the option to treat warnings as errors. All warnings should be addressed in some way before releasing an application to production!

I hope this helps to give you an understanding of what is an error, warning and hint and to make it easier for you to decide what you want to be shown!

Best regards
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