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Do you regularly export your projects for safekeeping? Have you ever wondered what are the files that you should export for safekeeping?
Reasons for applying change-control procedures:

* To prevent unauthorized modifications
* To document modification requests
* To analyze the impact of a proposed modification, and to approve or reject the request
* To document the details of, and the authorization for, all approved modifications
* To establish configuration baseline at appropriate points in the software development, and to document the (partial) integration testing of the baseline
* To guarantee the composition of, and the building of, all software baselines (including the rebuilding of earlier baselines)There is a PLUS+1® GUIDE upgrade feature called Quality Assurance License (Reference PLUS+1 GUIDE add on license Quality Assurance Data Sheet, AI00000253) that enables this feature. Use this functionality in combination with a third-party version-control program such as Apache™ Subversion® to:

* Identify the core files that you need to open, continue, and compile a project
* Export these core files for safekeeping to your version-control repository
You can read more about this functionality in the PLUS+1 GUIDE User Manual (doc # 10100824 from October 2016) on page 101. To purchase this license please contact your local Danfoss Sales representative.

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