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A little bit about Hardware Description (HWD), their different names, usage etc


PLUS+1® GUIDE provides a fixed interface to the hardware through the Hardware Description (also called an HWD). An HWD has the resources, includes all components that can be controlled with a customized application developed in PLUS+1® GUIDE, that the program needs to compile an application for the selected hardware. A Hardware Description becomes available to the PLUS+1® GUIDE program by right-clicking the Hardware Description in the Hardware tab to the right when you have GUIDE open.

Documentation for the hardware typically includes a Data Sheet, an API (Application Programming Interface) Specification, and a Template Overview.

Associated with each Hardware Description is a Hardware Template. A Hardware Template simplifies programming by having inputs and outputs that are configured appropriately for the hardware. A Hardware Template becomes available in the application by right-clicking the Hardware Template in the Hardware tab within PLUS+1® GUIDE.

By the link below all HWD files can be downloaded and installed in PLUS+1® GUIDE through the Install Hardware options in the Setup menu.;

Be sure to read the ReadMe file before you start to use the HWD’s. That can e.g. tell you which version in a package of HWD’s that you should use. The meaning of these acronyms could depend a little bit on where they are used but normally these are the explanations;

For MicroControllers (MC’s)
nl = Non-Legacy; a HWD that is used to unleash the full potential of the hardware (e.g. MC0xx-1xx) that supports new symbols, naming conventions etc. and should be your base for future development.
lg = LeGacy; a HWD that supports applications with old-style naming conventions to be able to re-compile MC0XX-0XX applications without changes.
os = Old System; a HWD that supports old CAN and EEPROM symbols.
Normally you should be able to find this information in the Readme-file for each HWD-file.

For Displays
Moving from a DP600/610 to a DP600TM/610TM you should use a HWD called DP600/610TM_os
Moving from a DP600LX/610LX to a DP600TM/610TM you should use a HWD called DP600/610TM_lg
Moving from a DP620 to a DP620LX you should use a HWD called DP620LX_lg

All programmable hardware files (HWD or PAC format) can be used with the Express license in PLUS+1® GUIDE.

Best regards
PLUS+1® Helpdesk team


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