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Using MC024 to control s20 pump



Could anyone tell me if it is at all possible to use PLUS+1 software to control pumps like those from s20? Better yet, is there any way to change output current on a pin ? Let's say I use standard s90 EDC block in GUIDE and I want to get it to 100mA (while standart for EDC on s90 should be 85mA)?

Thank you all in advance.

You can control current as high as you like up to 3,000 mA on most outputs.  I'm not sure if you'd do this by changing a setting in the S90 compliance block or by just making your own code, but either way I think it'll work fine.

If using the S90 EDC block then yes you can change the max current to 100mA, changes are made in the Config_data page of the compliance block.

Thank you guys very much ;)


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