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Please is't possible to use any danfoss controllers to drive a stepper.

Does anybody using a stepper with danfoss controller in the past


Hey Macbahi,

not really, I tried but it is not accurate, the danfoss outputs 12 vdc or source power so no way to stay at 5V without external analog devices.

you can set like an oscillator to change states but the output does not respond that fast.

if you want to use a danfoss device with a stepper I recommend to use a stepper with CANopen, that will work and a stepper with microsteps will do the job better. thta was my fix for that.

I hope this helps


I have used a UIM242 CAN  stepper driver.  It took some work to integrate it, but the drivers are compact and work well.  There are commands for moving specific steps / setting accel / decel / jogging, ect. 


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