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I got the same issue, I may be able to find out the key license back in november 2016 emails, but may be not.

but looks like at some point I would have to update to the new lecense system

so what is the right process for it?

Just to ask my dealer about it?

thanks for the advise

Hi Pinias!

Yes you need to transition over to the new license model and actually when you start to use PLUS+1 Software from version 9.0 and forward only this "new key" will work. If you're not able to find the email from November 2016 we can help you if you send us a picture of your license manager showing you're license ID to

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk team

Hello Nilla,

Look I sent an email to the help desk with the information you ask for. so far I have not gotten any reply.

did you get my email?




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