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What are you all doing in regards to SIM cards and configuration for the WS40x and WS50x units?  We're just getting past our first few, and so far the plan is to continue with the Proemion SIM cards since they happen to also have the servers.  Has anyone been using just run of the mill Tmobile or others such as from your cell phones?  If so, was doing the configuration a hassle at all?

Hello FluidPowerTom,

we have already set up a telematics unit with a local SIM card provider.
The only thing you have to do is to change the APN setting which is done very fast.


Mike AA:
I was just thinking about this and wondering my self. I received our first WS403 yesterday. I forgot I needed to get a sim card. We were going to get a sim card from Verizon Wireless so we could add it to the company bill but Verizon Wireless is not listed in the configuration. Can you use ANY sim card from any company?


It's got to be a SIM card that uses GSM technology instead of CDMA.  Verizon and Sprint are two that use CDMA, so SIM cards for them won't work is my understanding.  AT&T and TMobile use GSM, so they're the main providers whose cards will work.

Mike AA:
Over the weekend I picked up a net10 sim card which contained sim cards for att and tmobile. I found the configuration page for net 10 for use with AT&T however the information listed doesn't match anything on the pre-filled APN network provider list. How do I go about getting these settings onto the WS403? Am I missing something that I need to get setup first with Proemion?

I am getting a double green flash then a single green flash then a solid red after a few minutes.

Mike Aalderink


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