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Default applog file size in DP710 download via WS403


Mike AA:
I recently found out we were overwriting data on our applog due to its default data file size being 512KB. I just upped this to 2MB with the hopes it will indeed increase to a larger file before overwriting the data. The issue I have is the 512KB file takes a good 15-30 minutes to download remotely via the WS403, this doesn't seem to matter if I show a green 5 bar connection or a 2 yellow/orange bar connection. I fear my larger file will then take almost an hour to download. Am I missing something as to why this is such a slow download (upload at the machine) speed?


I had a similar issue on a system wherein we were logging an immense amount of data and transmitting it via WS403.  We actually maxed out the amount of messages/bytes that the WS403 could parse.  Our solution was to slow the data logging down for some parameters which is effectively just less data, so that may not be a solution for you.

However, in conversations with Mr. Gozzi I got some feedback that you might find relevant (see attached image).  Also, do you have an SD card installed in the WS403 unit?

Mike AA:
For my purpose I cannot decrease the amount of data due to timing of everything we need lots of data. From what I can tell on the remote connection window I am connected with HSDPA and HSUPA so in theory my 512kilobyte file should take less than a minute to download. I am logging everything on the DP710 then using service tool to download the application log file.

I haven't yet gotten into using the WS403 as my actual logging device but I do have a SD card installed. I suppose I should look at the documentation for the WS403 and see about having it do the logging for me or if there is a way to pull the log off the DP710 to the WS403 then download it from the ws403 in case its the can network (250kb configured) is actually slowing it down.

On the WS403 you can open the module and pull the SD card and see the data in spreadsheet format, but it's only data that the WS403 hasn't yet to send (it deletes off the SD card after sending).  I don't know much about using the applog function with PLUS+1, but I do recall that it isn't a high speed or highly prioritized function.  In fact, it could be that your limitation here is that the applog isn't transmitting out the data to the WS403 fast enough, so perhaps the issue is with that and not the WS403 transmission speed.  It sounds like you're reading data from the applog and transmitting that over CAN to the WS403 - correct?  In that case it sounds like the applog is really only being used as a buffer which isn't really necessary for the WS403 since it has the SD card for a buffer.

I think the typical usage of the WS403 would be to send the data directly onto the CAN bus for the WS403 to read as the data is received rather than first putting data in the applog and then sending that to the WS403.  Then the applog function could run side-by-side with the WS403 logging as a completely separate function.  Does that all make sense?

Mike AA:
I have all my logging done via applog on the DP710. I have had great success finally in the logs showing what data I want at the rate I want. Every 10 seconds it writes the values to the log. I figure I can go for about 70 hours of ON time before the data gets overwritten on the displays applog memory because it was only set to 512kilobytes. I am essentially using the WS403 like the CG-150-2, just a gateway. I need to learn more about how the WS403 reads the data off the canbus and makes logs from it. Most of my items I am logging to the DP710 are running through the canbus from my other modules (MC050-118/MC050-018 and MC024-120). The display does do a little math but nothing major to change the values on the canbus to more readable numbers.

I want to use the WS403 as you describe in the near future.


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