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Should there be a separate forum for discussing telematics programming?  I'm seeing among my customers an increasing interest in the WS403 and WS103 units, and I'm wondering which forum to use to discuss the software side of these.

On that note, I've got a large control system on which I'm implementing a WS403 for data logging.  I'm in the final stages of desk testing, and my .xml file is logging a total of 63 CAN messages.  These CAN messages are using most or all of the 8 bytes of data in each.  I've got transmission rate low enough that we shouldn't be running into bandwidth issues on the bus itself.  Some messages are J1939, and some are CAN freestyle 11-bit messages.  Has anyone logged this much data on a single WS403, and are there any pitfalls to look out for?

Hi Tom!

You may not have seen it yet but I've created a new board for Telematics under Software. I will move also this topic there :)

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I did see.  Thanks a bunch Nilla; you are the best!

BurchSung: per my knowledge Telematics generates a vast amount of data, including a detailed history of vehicle and driver activities and operations. This type of data is extremely useful within an organization for controlling fuel and maintenance costs, increasing productivity and safety, and minimizing risk. Using telematics for accident reconstruction or benchmarking can generate even greater insight.


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