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Update CS10 Hdw file


How long should it take to download a new program into a CS10 when going from Hwd version 257 to version 303?  So far it's taking what feels like an eternity.

I just did it last week, and it took over an hour.  Helpdesk said it was normal


I'm not an CS expert, so don't quote me on this.

When you change the HWD in a CS product, you also replace the LINUX OS, like in the DM1x00. If you use the CG150 as gateway it will take time. A long time.
You should be able to use WiFi, which is faster (nothing I have done myself, but I heard it takes around 2 minutes).
I'm not sure what happens after the update, if you just can connect with WiFi again or if you need to connect with CG150 and change some settings??

Here's a video about the CS10 and WiFi connection:

Have a nice day.


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