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Build gauge in or outside of guide



I need to build a gauge where I can highlight a zone in green where the needle should be all the time.
Does anyone know how to build this from scratch inside VBSE?

Comes down to making a part of a circle where the angle depends on the setpoint i guess.

Kind regards

the way I do that is by using a drawing software.

like Creo parametric, which means I will have it in 3D, then I export it to DWG and do a clean up of the 2d drawing, then I get it imported in inkscape

notice that one picture is the gauge and another picture is the needle they are independent. but were created with the same drawing software so that all scaling and position is good.

it works for me perhaps you could do something similar

Thanks, for the quick reply.
I used the same trick for a linear gauge already but your reply was a eureka/damn should have known this moment.

You rotate the needle over a specific angle so it must be able to rotate images. I will need(le) to view some tutorials on how to do this.

Thanks for the eye opnener.

The one time I needed a gauge for a GUIDE display I used CoDeSys to make the background of the gauge.  It took seconds.  Now I just use CoDeSys displays...

Thanks for the replies, I was able to build a proper gauge using illustrator.


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