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Error in compile


Hello all,

I am getting following error:

--- Quote ---***

"C:\ProgramData\Danfoss\PLUS1\10.0\Data\ExtCompiler\TI\v525\include\stdio.h", line 141: error #148:
          declaration is incompatible with
          "S16 K_sprintf(S8 *, const S8 *, ...)" (declared at line 34 of
  extern _CODE_ACCESS int sprintf(char *_string, const char *_format, ...);

1 error detected in the compilation of "MC88_15T_MC88_1BT.c".
Danfoss PLUS+1 GUIDE Software: [Errset] Version: 10.0.7
--- End quote ---

I just made small example to call C function. Like example in the documentation.

What could cause such a problem?

Modifying stdio.h from TI stdio.h with following:

--- Quote ---// original //extern _CODE_ACCESS int sprintf(char *_string, const char *_format, ...);
extern _CODE_ACCESS int snprintf(char *_string, size_t _n, const char *_format, ...);
--- End quote ---

solved the problem and I can now compile without any problem, but issue still stays, why would such a thing happen at all  :o :-\

Hi Vnv!

It seems your project is using an old hardware file (HWD). The easiest way to upgrade to the latest HWD is to use our Update Center.

If there are any remaining problems after updating the hardware file in the project, then please send us a sample project for further review to

Best regards
PLUS+1 Helpdesk


I am having a problem when compiling my display program for a DP710.
It gives me the following error:

Can someone please assist.


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