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Please add basic drawing functionality

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now it ist 2017-04-27 and only 2 points are released in new vector editor:
- right formatting values must be possible
- copy and paste must be possible: in the same screen and from one screen to another screen

I think the 2 other points are not released in new vector editor:

- make possible to change the ID of a text object, because we want to copy screen from one program to another and so IDs have to be the same.

- copy formatting style must be possible in screen editor, like word and excel
It could be as folowing:
Select one Text,
then klick in an opening checkbox which proberties you want to copy (font size, style, but not position,...)
then klick the other texts you want to change.

This tool would save about 50% of time !

Please release circles drawing, as basic function, again

If I use svg pictures and change size, the thickness of line will also change.

Basick drawings like lines, circles, rectangles and so on, woud bi nice.

You can do this already. Add>>Text/Vector Graphics>>Hollow Circle. Also from the side bar (see attached)

but I mean in screen editor. There es only one element: "line"

oops sorry, i didn't read the whole thread.


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