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Your question is in the wrong place, here, but to respond quickly:

You can use 2 of the 4 Prop/MF-outs to control the two coils, for instance by using the compliance block for a H1P pump, or using your own logic to directly feed the outputs, and use one of the 2 digital outputs to release the brake whenever the PWM-output is not equal to 0.
One issue you'll see is that the output pin names are not the physical pin numbers, depending on the cable / connector option chosen.

If you have a joystick with two 12-pin connectors:
X100p15, X100p16, X100p17 and X100p18 are connected to Pin 1 to 4 on the black connector.
X100p10 is Connected to pin 8 on the black connector, X100p20 is connected to Pin 7 on the Black connector.
Don't forget to connect both Pin 1 and Pin 6 on the grey connector to ground, and get the supply on pin 2, 7, 8 and 9 on the grey connector!

Good Day,

I've done the setup of the joystick JS1-H PWM as per the picture. Also, I've downloaded the service tool and the guide and established a successful connection with my PC. The connection is well done.

I've downloaded the hlx. files on the joystick  and tried to explore the service tool a bit. In the graphs, as shown in the picture, I can't read any output current while moving the joystick in F or R. I think i need to add those parameters but I'm new to this. So please, anyone can help where i can set the output currents and other parameters. I need the below functions only:
- Joystick in Forward: Output1= [0 to 1000 mA] (pump solenoid 1) - Output 2=0 - Output 3=+24V Constant (to activate 24V brake solenoid).
- Joystick in Reverse: Output1=0 - Output2=[0 to 1000 mA] (pump solenoid 2) - Output 3=+24V Constant (to activate 24V brake solenoid).
- Neutral: Output1=Output2=Output 3= 0V.

In the picture attached i move the joystick in forward/Reverse but no current value is showing.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks alot


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