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 As safety in our programs has grown, I have added pop-ups for warnings and explanations for when functions or automations stop.

Our layers of screens became excessive so we have started breaking out separate screen for each pop-up. In most cases I have a screen and number of copies of the screen with the relevant pop-ups displayed (5 screens x 4 pop-ups = 20 screens). Its getting to the point where I am reaching the memory limit for DP700 and the DM1200 (down loading times are in hours for our 700's).

Has anyone come across a better way to display a pop-up?

I think the memory usage will be more to do with the content of the screens rather than the number. To give an example I have a DP720 program that has almost 40 screens counting main screens, menus and pop up messages with the memory used showing at compile as ROM 0% & RAM 2%.

Do you have a lot of images? If so can the images be optimized to reduce file size?

Images are definitely part of the problem, trying to modernize our screens appearance has added up. I have found issues in the past sharing images across screens so I have been hesitant to do so. I have some graphics that are composites of several images that move together so that does not help either, like a line graph that updates every loop or a live graphic showing a function moving. It has only recently been becoming an issue with volume so I am investing some time on improving the memory usage.

The issues I was having with sharing images were fairly early with the DP700, they would show up incorrectly or a black spot in earlier firmware. This was around the same time where booting up with CAN 1 hooked up would freeze the screen and I know that has been fixed since then.

With the classic screen editor, being able to define screen areas and display different screen objects made all of the pop-ups modular and easier to handle. I haven't found a similar solution for the DP700.

I can say that I haven't had any issues sharing images across multiple screen definitions.


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