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Autonomous Control - XM100, XM200, new GUIDE libraries


I just saw a flyer for a webinar on the new autonomous control stuff.  Apparently it was yesterday.  How do we get on that mailing list?

So... what's up with this autonomous control guff?  Any training resources?  I feel like some of these more complicated and less broadly supported products should have some really good training courses designed.  I'm envisioning 3 - 4 person classes with an actual machine that is ready to drive around and tweak programming on.  Make it a 3ish day boot camp style training that requires foreknowledge of GUIDE and general controls so that we can get down to business.  Charge whatever is necessary.

EDIT:  I guess I am on the mailing list.  I got an email about this webinar in early June.  It looked like more sales and marketing spam, so I ignored it.

Hello Tom.
There is a YouTube video explaining some of the basic function blocks of ACL 1.0,
At least it's a starting point...

It is a very nice a video that was made for the ACL libraries.  It doesn't mention the XM100 or XM200 controllers.  Are those a released product?  Do they have information anywhere?

OK I found that data sheet on Partnerlink.  It looks like the XM100 includes the inertial sensors used in the EKF algorithm.

My question is whether or not we can use the autonomous control libraries without using the XM100 controller.  I'm envisioning using a high accuracy DGPS for sub-inch accuracy so that we won't need the accelerometers or whatevre is in the XM100.


The XMX00 controllers are not released yet, and the only information online I found is the Datasheet as you mentioned for XM100:

The Autonomous Control Libraries (ACL) is released and can be found in the PLUS+1 Update Center.  It's not locked to any controller, so feel free to use it.
With that said, I have not tested the ACL in an application, on any controller, so I don't know if there are any differences by using a XMX00 controller or another one.

Have a nice day.


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